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In recent years our nation and our families have experienced large numbers of critical, stressful incidents such as 9/11, the Boston Marathon bombing, wildfires in California, or maybe you've lost someone close to suicide. Perhaps, even as you read this you are thinking of someone you know personally, who has been impacted by difficult situations such as these.

We live in difficult times and these kinds of situations seem to be happening more frequently. We believe that God is calling his children to be prepared to assist in times of crisis or disaster. Agents of Faith is a non-denominational, religious organization that brings hope to those affected by disaster, crisis or trauma by providing emotional and spiritual support and practical resources.

Lorraine and I can’t thank you and the other “special” volunteers that helped us in our time of need. You did much more than physical recovery and demolition, you provided an emotional and spiritual uplifting when we were at our lowest. You were sent from God to help those that were in depressed and overwhelmed states. The entire neighborhood still, some 16 months later, talks about your deeds.

God Bless you and all the volunteers.
Jerry & Lorraine L. Midland Beach, Staten Island New Yor
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Respite on the Water Boating Program

Our Respite on the Water program is available to those recovering from a traumatic event, loss or disaster. We offer free boating activities as a way to promote emotional health. If you would like know more about our program, click here.
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